2020 Columbiana County Steer Committee & Info


Current Committee Members

Jamie Stacy 330-398-4077

Kyle Bardo 330-413-2906

Doug Jarvis 330-428-2623

Greg Sharp 330-206-5417

Nicole Blazer 330-341-9143




4-H Extension Office 330-424-7291




Thank you for registering to take a Market Steer or beef project at the Columbiana County Fair. Below is some basic information to make this year run smoothly. If you want to keep up to date on all Beef Info, please be sure to have a current email address on file with Jamie. We will also be using REMIND this year to get info out quick.

Market Steer project starts 11-7-19 and runs through the fair. The tag must be in steer ear by December 31, 2019. Registration is $10 per member. Your steer should have been born in 2018, and must make at least 1000 pounds by the fair next summer. All steers must be castrated and dehorned. You should be halter breaking and working with your steer now. ALL Steers must be broke enough to be handled at the fair. If need help, please ask a committee member to help, but please do not wait until the month before fair. If a tag falls out, call a committee member ASAP. We will have some clinics through the winter and spring to help new members. 2 steers may be tagged, but only 1 can go to the fair to be shown. You may use the 2nd steer as a carcass steer. Carcass steers get taken in the week before the fair. The member is responsible for hauling their own steer. Only grand and reserve Carcass steer will sell at the fair. The steer being shown at the fair is terminal and must be sold! All Steer projects must take a Quality Assurance Clinic and a beef clinic to show at the fair. Steers must have a health paper to get off trailer at the fair. Skillathon and Showmanship are optional for members.

Beef Feeders will need to be born in 2020, and must be in the member’s possession by July 1. Must be signed up as a 4-H project by March 1. Registration for Beef feeders is in July. Forms found in Jr. Fair Book. Must attend a beef clinic. Must have health paper at the fair. Show proof of proper vaccines.

Beef Breeding is shown by age of the heifer/cow, and must be signed up by the March 1 project deadline. Registration will then be in July. Forms found in Jr. Fair Book. Must attend a beef clinic. Must have health papers at the fair and show proof of vaccines. Will need registration papers for Breed Classes.








Good Luck with your Beef Projects.

Please contact a committee member with any questions or concerns!