Project Fair Information


 Preregistration is required by June 1st.   PREREGISTRATION LINK

Still project fair is where the still projects are judged and awarded:

Still projects areas of interest:

  • Creative Arts
  • Home Decorating
  • Family Life
  • Companion Animals
  • Money maneuvers
  • Welding
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • Photography
  • Quilts
  • Leadership
  • Work Prep
  • Woodworking
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Clothing
  • Bicycle
  • Communications
  • Natural Rescources
  • Self Determined

Any youth that particpates in the Still Project fair is eligible to exhibit his/her project during the week of fair in the Junior Fair building. You must register you project if you are planning on exhibiting it. If you do not register and you did not show at project fair, you will not receive your premium check.

Awards that are given out during Still Project Fair:

  • State Fair Eligible Award (awarded to a youth that is eligible to particpate in the Ohio State Fair to represent Columbiana County with his/her project)

         **All State Fair Eligible winners that display their project during the week of the Columbiana County Fair are eligible to win an Outstanding Award for Still Projects**

            The Awards available are:

            *The Kathy Burbick Award (Awarded to the overall clothing/food project - recipient will receive an embroidered director chair)

            *The Donna Merrick Award (Awarded to the overall still project- recipient will receive an embroidered director chair)

  • State Fair Alternate Eligible Award (awarded to a youth that is eligible to represent Columbiana County with his/her project if the State Fair winner is not able to)
  • County Award
  • Merit Award
  • Participation Award

Columbiana County Project Requirements

Project Completion Requirements

All Terrain Vehicles


Clothing and Textile


Companion Animals

Creative Arts

Creative Arts (Cake Decorating)


Family History

Food and Nutrition

Healthy Living

Home Decorating


Money Management

Natural Resources

Natural Resources (garden and plant sciences)



Self Determined

Shooting Sports


Tractor Days



IMPORTANT: It is important to read the Project Actitivies in the front of the Project Books.  If you have any questions. please contact the OSU Extension office at 330-424-7291.



If you are interested in learning about the requirements for STATE FAIR, visit HERE This is the State Fair 4-H Non-Livestock Guidebook Information