Junior Fair Dairy Promotion Project

The Junior Fair Dairy Committee is introducing the Junior Fair Dairy Promotion Project (formerly known as the Cheese Cow Project)

Youth that participate in the Dairy Promotion Project will sell during the Columbiana County Jr Fair Cheese Sale. 

In order to participate in the Dairy Promotion Cheese Sale, you must complete the following 8 requirements:

  1. Participant In Person Registration - MANDATORY
  2. Attend 1 Dairy Clinic
  3. Attend 1 Quality Assurance Training
  4. Create a Dairy Promotion Poster
  5. Participate in Showmanship
  6. Attend and Complete Dairy Skillathon
  7. Complete 4-H or FFA project book and Questionaire provided by the Dairy Committee
  8. Show your Cow and Heifer at the Columbiana County Junior Fair
  9. If on official test (year round), DHI papers will need to be provided

There will be 3 awards given (Dairy Promotion Grand Champion and Reserve Champion, and Total Pounds Grand Champion). Grand Champion, followed by Reserve Champion will be given to the participants with the most points after completing skill-a-thon, showmanship, poster, book/questionaire, and those who are on DHI official tests will be given a point for each pound. Those not on officials test will be awarded 7 pounds/points. Total Pounds Grand Champion will be awarded to the participant on DHI official test with the most pounds of product. (cheese and butter). The point system will present the Dairy Committee with the sale order.


All requirements listed above are mandatory to participate in the dairy promotion cheese sale. NO Exceptions. 

All baskets at the sale will contain the same amount of cheese and product.

Any questions please call Paula Bardo at 330-727-6320 


Junior Fair Dairy Department