Royal Court -


Requirements & Selection Process


Applications can be submitted via email to If you have any quesetions, please contact Audrey at 330-870-1165.

Columbiana County Royal Court Commitment:

1.  I am at least 14 and a freshman in high school as of January 1st  and enrolled in the 4-H Program.

2.  I have participated in at least (2) 4-H Community wide events.

3. I understand that as part of my enrollment in Columbiana County 4-H for 2023-2024 I have signed the Ohio 4-H Code of Conduct, and I will uphold all parts of the code through my time acting as 4-H Royalty.

4. I understand that if I am selected to represent Columbiana County 4-H as 4-H Royalty I will be expected to attend no less than 5 community events during the course of the next year (through the 2024 Columbiana County Fair) as a representative for Columbiana County 4-H.  During these events I will actively engage with the public and positively promote the Columbiana County  4-H program.

5. I understand that if I am selected as a member of Royal Court or as 4-H Queen or King I will be acting as a role model to all other 4-H youth and county youth and therefore will hold myself to high personal expectation for behavior, speech and dress while representing Columbiana County 4-H.