4-H Program Activities Committee (PAC)

Chair: Corrie David                                   Vice Chair: OPEN                            

Treasurer: Natalie Fraser                           Secretary: Melissa Miller


Meeting Dates Third Monday of the Month Listed Below at 7:00 p.m.

January (due to the Holiday meeting is held the third Tuesday)







What is 4-H Program Activities Committee (PAC)?  We are a committee that is comprised of 4-H Advisors, Junior Fair Committee Members, Parents and Volunteers. We have been nominated by our peers to represent them on this committee as we work to make 4-H in Columbiana County stronger. 

Our purpose as per our Bylaws:

  1. The Committee is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and must follow all 501(c)(3) regulations .
  2. To ensure that 4-H, as a positive youth development organization, is available to all youth in Columbiana County who meet the 4-H age requirements.
  3. To help determine the needs and interests of all county youth enrolled in the county 4-H program.
  4. To assist in planning, evaluating, and recommending 4-H educational programming and experiences that meets the needs and interests of the county youth.
  5. To assist in recruiting and training adult and peer mentors to carry out county-wide 4-H Positive Youth Development programming.
  6. To assure family satisfaction with the 4-H Positive Youth Development program.
  7. To positively conduct, promote, and expand the 4-H program
  8. Complete fundraisers that help strengthen and expand 4-H youth opportunities in the county.
  9. Be a positive voice for the 4-H program in the community.
  10. Provide prospective, recommendations, and support to The Ohio State Univeristy Extension Staff.



Each year volunteers and parents are notified of the election.  They will submit nominations. Those nominations that have been accepted will go on the ballot to be voted on at the annual 4-H Volunteer Banquet.



Fall Mum Sale (End of Aug)

Silent Auction baskets (during the week of fair)   

Kiss the Critter (during the week of fair)