Before joining a club, we strongly encourage families to discuss what type of participation they would like to have in the present and the future. Knowing ahead of time what type of experience you want will help you to select a 4-H club that fits your needs.

  • Do you want a club that is close to home?
  • How many meetings a month?
  • What types of community service projects the 4-H club does?
  • Do you want a large club (20+ members) or a small club (10 members)?
  • Are there particular projects that you would like to focus on now?
  • Are there other projects that you might consider in the future?

Our program offers a wide variety of projects; therefore, each club is a little different. The list of projects can be found in the Ohio 4-H Family Guide.

Club Map

Active 4-H Clubs in Columbiana County Click on Your Township to See a List of 4-H Clubs in your Township

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If you would like additional help, please contact the OSU Extension office at 330-424-7291 speak to the 4-H Educator Audrey Dimmerling.